Complicated simplicity.
Whatever I feel, think, want to say but can't, you'll see it on here. Blunt honesty and common sense go a long way. Gopax means 'to go with peace' and I've lived a peaceful life since making the name in 2001. Honestly I'm just trying to do the right thing.
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Shocking Aerial Views of The Largest Coal Mining Pit in Germany

if you date me we will have:

  • morning sex
  • afternoon sex
  • dinner sex
  • after meal sex
  • i made pancakes sex
  • good morning sex
  • shower sex
  • bored sex
  • make up sex
  • break up sex
  • monday sex
  • tuesday sex
  • wednesday sex
  • thursday sex
  • friday sex
  • saturday sex
  • sunday sex
  • there is nothing on tv sex
  • i love you sex

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Just saw a girl in high heels long boarding to class. Godspeed, my queen.

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sweet dreams are


who am i to


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